Monday, March 12, 2012

Israel - 8 January 2012

Today was one of the most frustrating days, but ended on a high note. We woke up at 6:15am, had breakfast at 7:00, and then headed out - after partying all night. We then went to Mt. Herzl Military Cemetery, where Hadara talked nonstop for over an hour combined about Zionist propaganda bullshit. I was very close to leaving Birthright and going on my own. But the cemetery was stunning, so I stayed.

Our soldiers at Mt. Herzel Military Cemetery 

We then drove to Neot Kedumin where we planted trees on the mountain of the Maccabees. Fed up with me taking photos and being behind everyone, our security guard (who I previously liked) yelled at me. Already tired with the program, I snapped back at the twenty year-old in charge of our safety.

As we stopped for lunch at a rest stop, I became annoyed with the cheers that came from the back of the bus over the sight of a McDonalds. I ate at Aroma, a decent sandwich place.

Senniyeh sandwich from Aroma

Next stop was the Negev Desert. We arrived at our Bedouin tent camp, had tea and coffee (I tried coffee, even though I usually don't drink it), and then went for a camel and donkey ride. There weren't enough animals for everyone to ride at once, so I walked the first half and then was supposed to get a camel for the second. Since everyone wanted me to take their photos, by the time I was ready to ride, everyone was on an animal. Oh well, I've risen them before and was happier capturing photos of the others so they could have those memories.

When we got back, we had an incredible dinner of chicken wings, kebab, tahina, pita, etc. Best food so far. After dinner we went for a night walk in the desert. When we stopped in the middle of nowhere, we were instructed to go off on our own and sit to think. When we reconvened, we sung Wonderwall, and then said what we were thankful for before returning. Upon our return, we sat by a bonfire and roasted marshmallows. As everyone headed in, I stayed with Tori, Jackie, Emily, Jason, Sarah, and Michael. We Chatted and watched the fire die.

Now it's time for bed - the last time I go to sleep as a twenty year-old. Twenty-one, here I come!

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