Monday, March 12, 2012

Israel - 12 January 2012

Our last day was met with rain, and started with a visit to the mystical city of Tsfat - known as the home of Kabala. I quite liked Tsfat in the rain - empty, quiet streets covered in fog.

We went to a candle shop and then a Kabala study place/restaurant by a guy who looks like Osama bin Laden's Jewish twin. The bs he talked about was interesting but so clearly bs - oh well, it was in the effort of improving the way people act so I didn't complain.

Penguin candles! 

After he finished talking, I got some of his food - cheeses, arugala, onion, tomato, zatar, and spicy sauce in a crepe. Holy shit. I had two.

I then did some shopping and saw some absolutely stunning artwork.

We skipped seeing Lebanon from afar because a) it was foggy and we wouldn't be able to see it and b) we saw Lebanon from the Golan Heights. Instead we spent more time in Tsfat, stopped for more wine tastings, and went to Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, we got our birthright shirts and had a final dinner, where we each exchanged one moment that hit us hard.

After dinner we went to the airport, where the soldiers came to say their goodbyes.

So long Israel! I cannot wait to revisit on my own.

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