Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More China Observations and Comments

  • Cowboy hats are making a comeback in Asia.
  • Traffic laws... LOL
  • Children don't wear diapers, they wear assless chaps. When they need to do their business, they either squat on the street or are held up by a family member to go off to the side.
  • Ordering off Chinese menus is fun, especially when there is no English or pictures. You might get the most delicious food ever... or pig's face.
  • Bright sun + smog = hard to get landscapes and building shots.
  • Ramen and trains are like hot dogs and baseball games.
  • Man purses.
  • Don't touch the railings, a baby may have just peed on it.
  • The Chinese are so incredibly adorable, playful, and light-hearted. It's hard not to love them.
  • If things don't add up, remember, you probably forgot to add the "China factor" into the equation.
  • WARNING: Do not make any sudden movements, Chinese women scare really easily.
  • The giant red banners everywhere are propaganda. Fun fact.
  • Trying to find someone smoking up in China is like trying to find drunken college students in Miami during Spring Break.
  • When you know a character/word in Chinese, you'll see it everywhere, while all the others seemingly become invisible.
  • Despite there being an insane amount of trash collectors an cleaners, the Chinese have little sense of general sanitation and cleanliness.
  • The Chinese are very proud of their past and present, an are excited for the future. It's abundantly evident.
  • Everyone loves to take photos of themselves.
PS - All booked, finally.

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