Tuesday, August 2, 2011


*Written 26 July*

In the morning, Michael and Karen went off together, and I went to explore on my own. I got lost and had to take a cab back to the guest house to be there in time for check out, so that I could move to a mattress on the floor of Michael and Karen's room (Guy, who I was sharing a room with, left). I'm glad I got lost though, I saw some awesome sights and took a ton of photos. See below.

After the move, we went to Durbar Square - an interesting, eclectic, and bustling area with crumbling buildings and local devotees and tourists. Later, we were going to go with Ernie and Hannah to the bar, but food took too long and they left without us. We reconnected with Guy, and then went to an Irish pub. When we went back, we found Ernie, Hannah, Graham, and Catherine. The conversation that incurred had us laughing our asses off.

Ernie and I bonded, chatting about life, art, and Nepal; and were joined by Michael after awhile, and were then interrupted by two British girls (aged 16 and 18) who were teaching in Kathmandu.

It's common for Nepali kids/babies to wear eyeliner so as to protect from the gruelling sun. 

The BEST lassi in the world. 

At least he's not huffing glue like most of his peers...

PS - You're gonna laugh.

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