Thursday, July 28, 2011

Li River

*Written 22 July*

Yesterday can be summed in several key highlights:
  • River rafting down the Li River. The karsts, jutting abruptly out of the ground, gave a backdrop that rival Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. It's much easier to describe this in photos. See below.
  • Miz(ael), the Lebanese Mexican studying in San Diego, was a good conversationalist, light-hearted, and easily likeable. The bromance between him and Michael quickly blossomed.
  • Overendulging at the skewer place from the night before.
  • Tomos and Elwyn, the Dutch. Friendly, funny, and obsessed with South Park.
  • Looking up how to make a Cuba Libre, and then teaching the owner of Ming Palace hostel how to make it, hoping it would come out right. It was sooooooo good.

PS -  This should be interesting.

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