Monday, May 9, 2011

Frequent Travel Miles

This summer, I will be racking up 'Frequent Travel Miles' on my passport - over 26,600 miles of them. Hmm, what will I trade them in for? Stunning photographs, endless stories, or a milieu of new friends? The cultural experience of a lifetime, bizarre foods, or sundry souvenirs? I think I'm going to have enough points for all of the above!

Planes, trains, buses, cars, boats, rickshaws, various animals, and my own two legs will carry me from the United States to Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal, Italy, the Vatican, France, Spain, Germany, and back. This trip will surely fill my heart, and my passport.

I will be spending 24 hours, 7 days a week with Karen Knauff ( and Michael Kessler ( from 15 May to 6 August, at which time I will be ditching them in Kathmandu and reuniting with my best friend, Damian Legacy, in the airport of Rome!

I'm on the 'edge of glory' and more excited than ever.

A big thank you to all those who have helped make this entire trip possible: Larry and Joanie Bergen, Nancy Bergen and David Kalkstein, the folks who attended my bar mitzvah seven years ago, Timothy Kane at the GW LGBT Resource Centre, Father Greg Shaffer and Amy West at the GW Newman Centre, the Board of Directors and kind members of Dignity/Washington, Damian Legacy, Karen Knauff, and Michael Kessler!

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  1. Blake,
    We are so proud of you!! We are so happy that you are able to fulfill your dreams through this amazing adventure! We wish you a safe and secure journey and hope that you find enlightenment!!
    We Love You!!!
    Dad & Joanie