Friday, May 20, 2011

Church Day

Our first full day in St. Petersburg (17 May), could very well be dubbed "Church Day." We visited the marvelous Church of the Resurrection, the elegant St. Isaac's Cathedral, and St. Peter and Paul's Fortress.

The Church of the Resurrection was hands down the most beautiful and intricate of the churches. It had class, it had pizazz, and it had character. The colors and textures were utterly rich and mesmorizing. See the outside and inside below:

St. Isaac's Cathedral was full of rude tourists fresh off the cruise ships, but it was clear why so many people flocked there. The marble was beautiful - looked like something I'd expect to see in Rome. See below:

St. Peter and Paul's Fortress was truly tremendous, although we only saw the Cathedral. The altar/tabernacle was beyond magnificient, despite the scaffolding. See below:

Besides churches, we had several delightful meals and a ton of fun exploring. I learned that borshcht is not my thing, but that 'Russian Flag' shots (grenadine, blue curacao, and vodka stacked in layers) definitely are! While my feet moaned with agony and my 8GB memory card became nearly full, I had a great time. Petersburg is definitely an interesting one and my first negative impressions have been erradicated by the glory and splendor of this great city.

PS - Your rock, forever.

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