Friday, August 24, 2012

Typhoon, Tickets, and Taipei

*Written August 22, 2012*

I woke up this morning to the news that a typhoon was set to hit Taiwan hard. Two typhoons, actually. Fearing that I would be stuck in Taiwan, unable to get back, and missing classes, my dad helped change my flight to tomorrow. My flight is to be at 9:10 am. The typhoon is to hit at 9:00 am. Lets hope I can actually get out before it strikes!

After my travel plans were all set, I bid Tainan adieu, and took the high speed rail back to Taipei. I went straight to Tim's place to drop my stuff off, but Tim was on his way back from running errands. While waiting, I decided to pick up some seaweed flavored potato chips and a bottle of milk tea. Both were freaking fantastic.

Seaweed potato chips. Yea. They were awesome.

When Tim returned, we ran some errands, I caught up on blogging, and Dylan came over.

We all went for dinner in Shilin night market with Sebastian. We ate all of my favorites and I got a (non-tacky) Taiwan t-shirt.


 Fried chicken

Fried sweet potato ball 

Venison on the left, ostrich on the right

From there, we went to Red House for a drink with Laredo, Christina, and Oscar, so that I could say goodbye to all of my new friends. Not having anticipated tonight being my last, it felt weird saying goodbye. I thought I would have another two days with these crazy folks, but I'll just have to go back for a visit.





A few hours of shenanigans and we headed back to Tim's. Dylan came with us because he insisted that he and Tim escort me to the airport.

Not ready to leave Taiwan!!

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